About Us

As professional wine taster I offer a huge experience and various services within the world of fine wines.

Working philosophy

Wine is a cultural posession, a philosophy and, quite profane, just a means for pleasure. Who draws nearer to the wine with open senses discovers zest for life and inspiration. As appointed representative I act for more than sixty of the very best producers from all over the world.

How to judge a wine? Which choice of words describes the sensory perceptions during consumption most aptly? Which premises influence the character of a wine? How can we make wine better and more natural? How to combine food and wine? Since more than twentyfive years I do a research for getting answers on all the interesting questions around great wine.

My events and services are tailor-made and are performed the most professional way possible.


Working premises

Wine tours and tastings: All informations are first-hand. Every year I visit some hundred wineries on spot. A marvellous mass as rich treasure of experience: Every year I taste some thousand great wines.

The scientific side: Since long years I do a research of methods, analysis and interpretation of wine tastings receiving the international attention.

The cultural side: As cultural ambassador I act for more than sixty of the very best producers from all over Europe.

The pleasure: In my seminars we exclusively taste great wines out of reputated vineyards and great vintages. The menus going with these great wines are of the same quality.

The infrastructur: In various German and European cities I have partners from the top gastronomy. That guarantees highest quality.


Little curriculum vitae

Born in Cologne in 1965. After many stays in foreign countries, such as France, Italy and America working independantly as wine critic and wine taster since 1989. Member of the association of specialized journalists of Germany (DFJV). As one of the most knowledgeable and international experienced wine specialists also working as wine expert for tribunals and insurance since 2007. Internationally active and specialised in top wines from the best regions and producers.

Dissemination of his rich experience and his profund knowledge since years in Germany as well as in other countries by doing wine classes and seminars. Consultancy of top wine producers from various regions on quality and blending. This work focus on enological as well as on agronomical aspects.