Wine events

A good wine seminar does not only need excellent and authentic wines. It also needs a maximum number of participants for guaranteeing a fruitful exchange of views between all guests. The ideal number of people thirsty for knowledge is between 6-10. How many of you like to ?

In contrary to wine seminars the ideal number of guests for wine events with responsable people of wineries is not less than 50 as otherwise costs and effort will be out of scale. For bigger groups of people one might also go for various wineries, that is even more exciting.

How & Where?

Wine is already a solitary pleasure. But of course also in combination with good food wine is always fit to give other events a pleasant frame. For incentives, congress or client events of all kind: Good wine evidences style and culture. Everybody likes great food and great wine. Stage it perfectly!

Beside my wine & art gallery as place of event chic restaurants or nice wineries can be considered as qualified. If suitable you can also use your own rooms. You like it a bit more outrageous? Why not going for a castle, a church or a boat? That is possible. There are so many interesting and thrilling places.