Le Sommelier

Looking for a job or a vocation?
Being a top sommelier means by far more than only pooring wine into a glass.


Sommelier school

Being able to reading wine labels and then once in a while bringing a bottle of wine to the table doesn´t mean to being a sommelier. A top wine recommendation, the perfect marriage of food and wine as well as the classy and professionally qualified dealing with wine have to be learned.

The correct wine terminology, knowledge on the right handling of wine, needful background knowledge on viticulture and cellar technology: You are getting the right skills for doing service and purchasing.


Where, When & Why

Preferably in your house
It is by far easier if one person is traveling instead of a herd setting off. I am happy to coming to training your staff on spot. This is not only more practical but also by far more economic.

Whenever you want
Your staff can be trained whenever it is the right moment for you. That can be at the beginning of the main season or in between times.

Why should we
Well trained staff performs more self-confident and is more convincing. That does not only impinge positively on the morale of your team but also on the turnover.


Training of staff

Basic knowledge on the right dealing and the quality of wine is important to all members of the service team because the sommelier is most probably not the only one in the house being in touch with wine.

Finally food & wine have to form a whole for thrilling your guests. That is why also the kitchen crew should have some knowledge on wine, pretty much as sommeliers need to know what is coming out of the kitchen.