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Experience great wines and culinary highlights in the most beautiful wine regions of Europe. As international working wine consultant and expert on wine I will introduce you into the world of professional wine tasting. Fantastic wines from the most important wine regions of the world as well as great gastronomical menues will give you lots of pleasure.

Take that opportunity for your individual city tour with shoping, museums or what you always intent to do in your destination. You have dinner in the hippest restaurants, you stay in most beautiful Hotels in a central place. All details will be perfectly organised for you: Visits of the leading wine poducers, accomodation, meals and of course lots of wine for tastings. My guided Wine - Gourmet - Tours are individual and no mass tourist attractions.



In every sense Bordeaux is the most important wine region of the world. It is the high amount of top producers, the high amount of bottles made by each producer and last but not least the huge range of red, white and sweet wines, all three on a preternatural high level.

Names like Lafite-Rothschild, Latour, Margaux, Pétrus and Yquem founded the regions reputation in the Southwest of France during long centuries. Especially when talking about the varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot those producers wines are the measure of all things. Not referring to the classic beauty of the architecture itself.

All these things you are going to find out on this trip. You are going to visit exactly those Châteaux we just spoke about. It is clear that those visits do not only apply to architecture but also to demonstration. Extended tastings with those responsable are on the agenda. Of course we are also going to taste wines from older and ripe vintages to see their class.

Man does not live by bread alone. In Bordeaux one finds a pretty high number of very good and authentic restaurants. With all due euphoria to the great wines we should not forget about one thing: Old but well restored the city of Bordeaux itself is one of the most beautiful cities of France. Discover this beauty!



In some ways Burgundy is the absolute inverse of Bordeaux. It is humble, small and familial. The most important exception: The leading status of Burgundian cuisine within the French Gourmandise. In addition you find Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in perfection.

In contrary to the in part bombastic Châteaux of Bordeaux Domains in Burgundy stayed small and family owned. This special “entre nous” is pleasing because it radiates a inner silence which one can also find within the wines. It is this tranquility which makes Burgundy being quite a old and most lovable stretch of land in France.

This culture of smallness also holds up a mirror to the vineyards. Through heritage parcels were splitted during centuries. Vintners own tiny parts from many different vineyards giving only a few hundred bottles each cru. For understanding Burgundy and its great wines it needs a lot of time and even more experience. It helps that people there are very open.

That´s exactly why are you doing this trip. Names like Jacques Prieur and Olivier Leflaive, Francois Jobard and Comtes de Vogüe are music to the ears of the world of wine. Montrachet and Chambertin, that is what we need. In addition some obese pastries, Coq au vin, Côte de Boeuf, great cheese. That lights mind and illuminates soul!


    Priorat & Penedès

Catalunya offers so many beautiful things, there is not space enough to mention all of them. Whether you visit some of Spains leading wine producers, the paradisial market of Sant Josep in Barcelona or most trendy restaurants: You´ll find fascinating wines and the best cuisine of Spain.

The Romans already made wine in Priorat. Today with producers like Alvaro Palacios and Clos de l´Obac one can find some of the very best Spanish wine estates. The mountainous landscape is of a wild beauty. Steep vineyards stand for hard work by hand. Lovers of first class wines and people which love to be in nature are absolutly on the right spot in Priorat and Penedès.

It´s a indispensable must to see the market of Sant Josep. The choice of fish and sea food, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables and traditional spices is overwhelming and almost a reason to emigrate. One can not only go for shoping here but one can also enjoy the food right on spot at one of the stalls. Take a good glass of wine and watch the people.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, full of culture. It is just a little walk from the city beach to the harbour or to the gothic quarter. Freaks of architecture and museum hikers will enjoy the city as much as gourmets or people which love to relax and take time for watching the multifarious street life.

Like to go elsewhere?

In case you prefer to visit another wine region: Most of the primal wine regions of Europe and also of other continents I know very well. Beside classics like Tuscany and Piedmont also tours to less known realms are very interesting. Have you ever been to the Loira valley and its wonderful castles? Or do you know the Rhône valley? Please ask for your individual proposals.